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Android Developer

We’re bringing consumer to the enterprise. Be part of the team that breaks the enterprise hard to use mold to create an app that delights. Your work will be used directly by C-level executives at companies around the world. Work with us if creating an app that solves problems at an enterprise scale and is as friendly and fun to use as a consumer app sound like fun to you.

Android Team Culture:

  • Growth – Want to try a new technology or maybe even branch out to another platform? No problem. We want to help you build your career and follow your interests while you help us build great Android software.
  • Respect – We endeavor to be a meritocracy. All ideas get a hearing and the good ones get implemented. Think we should re-architect our data model – make your case and if it’s a good one we’ll do it!
  • Accountability – There are no rock stars, no prima donnas, and no drama. Just a crew of smart, friendly devs that build great software together.
  • Fun – It’s not all business. We like to get out of the office to celebrate our successes and share our interests outside of work.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement cutting edge, data intensive, Android applications.
  • Work with Product Management and UX to deliver quick turnaround of new ideas and innovative features.
  • Help develop the team. Mentor more junior engineers, participate in code and architecture reviews, and help others to improve their skillset.
  • Improve the existing product. Look for opportunities to refactor and optimize the app to provide better performance and an improved user experience.

Job Requirements:

  • 4+ years of software engineering experience with relevant technologies such as with RESTful web services and SQL.
  • 2+ years of Android mobile development with Java or Kotlin.
  • Demonstrated ability to design and build dynamic multi-threaded mobile apps.
  • Understanding of the nuances of Android programming.
  • Understanding of Android UI implementation, including custom views and layouts, Support Library components, and animation.
  • Familiarity with popular/useful 3rd-party libraries.