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Software Engineer - Closed Loop Analytics

The charter of the Closed Loop Analytics team is to make data actionable. This involves the integration of data and/or interventions directly back to workflow tools like the electronic health record. Integration capabilities with EHR’s have advanced significantly. Besides the continued maturity of health information standards such as HL7 and FHIR, many EHR’s have deployed more robust API’s that allow more real-time data as well as integration capabilities that allow triggering workflow actions such as orders or lab results to occur within the EHR. Software engineers on the Closed Loop Analytics team will be responsible for developing platform features and tools that allow integration of Health Catalyst applications and content into and with the Electronic Health Record. This will include things like developing a framework for easier embedding of content into EHR’s as well as creating platform API’s that allow standardized ways to complete interventions across EHR’s leveraging things like the FHIR standard.