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Keynote Talks

In Ted-style format our great industry partners and women in tech share their insights, career journeys, keys to success and insights that help all of us become a little more fearless, courageous and impactful in our business and personal lives.


Talent Innovation Summit

Unlocking Creativity - Archana Thiagarajan
Effective Communication- Karl Sun
Confidence- Steve Daly
Leading Global- Denise Leleux
Path to the C-Suite - Blake Moderzitski
Amplifying Impact - Davis Smith
Whole-hearted Risk - Sid Krommenhoek
Unique Visibility - Kat Kennedy
Championship - Kim Wittman
Being Fearless - Cydni Tetro
Avoiding Average - Bassam Salem
Power of the Pivot - Jill Layfield
Reinventing You - Sara Jones
Indefatigable - Sharleen Hawkes
Agility - Sarah Lehman
Disruption - Carine Clark
Championing - Heather Zynzack
Make Your Moment - David Bradford
Negotiating the Deal - Sunny Washington
Art of the Pitch - Marc Chenn
Navigating Opportunity - Alison Wistner

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