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Software Engineer - EDW Ops

Today 80% of what every healthcare application does is the same: Ingest data from an EHR (Electronic Health Record), insurance claims and other data sources Run analytics or machine learning on the data to come up with insights Create a UI to show the insights and to allow users to act on the insights Try to integrate the insights into the EHR workflow of the clinicians

In reality, most applications fail to implement all these pieces and many even struggle with the first step of getting access to data about patients. No wonder technology has failed to achieve its potential in healthcare.

The Health Catalyst Data Operating System (DOS), is designed to provide this functionality out of the box so application developers can focus on the 20% that is unique about their application. At over 250 hospitals and 2,500 clinics that already use HealthCatalyst to manage over 65 million patients, hospital IT teams or 3rd party software vendors will be able to use these APIs to access data about patients without needing to integrate with the EHRs, to run analytics and machine learning in real-time, to build web and mobile UIs and to show their UI inside EHRs.

We are looking for some key senior people to help make this vision a reality. The ideal person would be a full stack engineer with experience in building complex end-to-end commercial software systems.